The museum

The museum


Sensory Illusions in Trapani

The M.O.O.I. was established in Trapani in 2017, as result of careful analysis of human perception limits and constant research of all those natural phenomena that can surprise and deceive the human judgement through sensory illusions.

The MOOI offers to the visitor an unforgettable journey through the most famous illusions, many of which are being studied in psychology: the Ames room, the room of gravity anomalies, the Beuchet chair and many other optical, geometrical, prospective, movement illusions, ambiguous images and color illusions.

Each illusion will pleasantly surprise the visitor as only a wonderful work of art can do, accompanied by interesting educational insights, sophisticated customizations and some remarkable technical solutionto so to offer a unique experience.

The visit to the MOOI requires about 60 minutes, depending on how much time you want to devote to each of the illusions and to the suggested tutorials.

Visitors are allowed to make all the photos and video footage they want for free. Come and visit us on Facebook and Instagram and browse the gallery with the best images; publish your photos too, impress your friends!

The MOOI can excite and surprise everyone with the right combination of Art, Architecture, elements of Psychology, Physics and Optics... but is also able to entertain, challenging our senses and our brainand succeeding to cast doubt on anyone about his own perceptions.

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